Thursday, 1 November 2012

Three of my favourite blogs

A month or so ago, I gave myself a timeout  from reading blogs because I felt I was spending too much time on blogs. I haven't started reading blogs again ( except when someone posts a link on Facebook, it is too tempting not to read! ) But, I thought I would post about 3 of my favourite blogs.

First of all disclaimer: I don't personally know any of these bloggers. I just like their blogs.
  1. Ben and Birdy : I started reading Catherine Newman's blog when she was a blogger on Baby Center ten years ago. On her current blog, she posts recipes and book and toy recommendations. I like her recommendations because her two kids are a year or two older than my two kids. I always get great gift ideas for my kids from her recommendations. Some of her recipes are way too complicated for me. But some of them are great hits in my house. Two of the favourite ones are Crack Broccoli and Maple-lemon Tofu
  2. Obscure Can Lit Mama : I am simply in awe of this woman. She is an author. ( I read and liked her latest book Juliet Stories. It is one of the finalist for Governor General's literary award for fiction ) She is a triathlon athlete. She is a mother of four kids. FOUR kids! She makes awesome meals for  kids. I feel like such a slacker when I read her blog. 
  3. Writing as Jo(e) : Her blog name is the inspiration for my blog name.  I am very original like that. She writes under the pseudo name Jo(e).  I love her writing. Her house sounds like such a fun place to be with her kids and their friends always getting together to play music, celebrate birthday parties and eat home made pies. I wish she would adopt me as one of her kids or one of her extras. 

So there you go. Three blogs by smart women who write about their families, work and life. I also just realized that all three of them are writers.

If you can read Tamil you can also read my nephew's blog.This kid can write. I am sure he got his writing genes from the other side of his family. 

Do you have any favourite blogs?

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