Monday, 29 October 2012

Thavika? Kavitha? Who are you?

I signed up for a  blogger account in early 2008.  I used a pseudo name because I didn't want to be dooced.  Being a non imaginative person I used the pseudo name "thavika", the three syllables of the name Ka-vi-tha written backwards.  I wrote a few posts, but I didn't think anyone actually read the blog since it wasn't linked anywhere else. A couple of months after I created the blog, my brother emailed me and asked if I am thavika? I used a brand new gmail address to sign up and didn't use that gmail address for anything else. So, I didn't think anyone would link the blog to me. But, google probably informed my brother about my new email address as someone he might know. Sheesh, One can't keep anything private from the big brother

At some point, my sisters also found my blog. I can't exactly remember how they found it. I may have told them the pseudo name or they figured it out from twitter id. By then, I lost interest in posting and promptly forgot my login credentials.  

Couple of weeks ago Kitchenaid made me so annoyed and I wanted to share my experience with others, not just Facebook friends. So I retrieved my login credentials and wrote a couple of blog posts about my Kitchenaid woes. The blog is no longer anonymous since I posted a link to the blog on my Facebook page. I think I am ok with it.

Now that I've started blogging, I want to continue. Writing is hard work for me. I am never sure about grammar rules or punctuation as you can see :-) I am hoping that regular blogging will help my writing skills. 

I hope that you continue to visit my blog. I don't want to be lonely here.  I promise that not all posts will be about fridge!

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