Friday, 26 October 2012

Easy peezy wattalapam(Coconut Custard) receipe

I am tired of posting about my Kitchenaid woes. If you really want to read about it, the posts are here and here.

I want a "feel good" post.  I think sharing a tasty dessert recipe is a sure way to feel good. This super easy recipe for wattalapam is from my sister-in-law. I am sure she won't mind my sharing the recipe with my 4.3 readers!

First of all, let me explain what wattalapam or coconut custard is.  This is a truly Sri Lankan dessert. It is made of Kitul(a type of palm sugar), coconut milk, egg, and spices. The Kitul and spices make it a unique tasting dessert. The traditional way of making it takes hours. You have to scrape coconuts, squeeze the milk from the scraped coconuts, break the Kitul jaggery into small pieces (traditionally it is sold as solids in the shape of half spheres)  and boil the pieces to make the syrup.

This recipe for wattalapam only takes about 15-20 mins. 

So, without further ado :

1 565 ml tin Kitul : I used MD Brand. If you are in GTA you can buy it at any Sri Lankan store. If you live in a place without any Sri Lankan stores  you can order it online. You can try substituting with maple syrup. But you will lose the yummy Kitul taste. If you are using maple syrup, you should use less than 565 ml, perhaps a cup and a half

2 tins (400 ml each ) of coconut milk

9 to 10 eggs

2 tsp ground cardamom

1 tsp vanilla

2 tsp ground cinnamon

Cashew Nuts : I usually use Cashew nuts. You can use other nuts if you want.

Method : Throw everything in a large dish  and beat really well. Pour the mixture into couple of 8x8 baking dishes or one large baking dish. Bake at 350 deg in water bath for 50 mins to an hour. Check by inserting a tooth pick or knife. If the custard doesn't stick to the tooth pick, then it is done.  The wattalapam has the consistency of caramel pudding.

Chop the cashew. Roast the cashew nuts in bit of butter. Sprinkle them over wattalapam before serving.

Unfortunately I never took a photo of wattalapam. I promise to take pictures the next time I make it. So you just have to use your imagination for now.  

You can half the recipe if you think it is too much. In my opinion, there is never too much of wattalapam! You can keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days or share the rest with friends, family or me.

If you are going to half the recipe and need a way to use the left over Kitul syrup. Top 1/2 cup of plain yogurt with couple of spoons full of kitul syrup. Voila! You have made another Sri Lankan dessert.


Anonymous said...

We don't need the receipe - we only want the wattalapam!!

thavika said...

Sorry. Recipe is the best I can do anonymous internet reader!

Anonymous said...

Lol Thavika... so Glad I found your blog :-) .. Live in the Gta.. so I am going to be your 5.5th reader if you dont mind!


Thavika said...

Thanks Tharini! Glad to have my 5.5th reader. I have been busy with another project I am working on. Will post soon. Stick Around!

Anonymous said...

I was craving wattalupam and found this recipe. thanks11

Anonymous said...

Hi,Found your recipe when searching for my favorite desert.We add a bit of nutmeg when making this but dont use cinnamon.