Thursday, 27 December 2012

Winter wonderland

We had first snow storm of the season last night. We probably got 20 to 30 cm of snow and it is still snowing.

Kids got zipfy sled for Christmas.

 So why are the sleds and kids inside when there is so much snow outside? Because both parents of the kids are sick. I have been sick for three weeks and finally I caved in and started taking the antibiotics my doctor prescribed. When I saw my doctor a week ago she gave me the prescription and told me take it if I didn't get better in three four days. She also switched the inhalers. Finally, I feel like I can breathe without starting a coughing fit. But R started not feeling well last night and stayed up all night coughing. 

So the poor kids can't test the sled until their parents feel well enough to take them to a slope. But they (the kids not the parents) did go outside  to clear the sidewalk and front porch steps.

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