Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Kitchenaid curse

If you haven't read my original post you can read it here.  There is also an on going discussion on Kitchenaid facebook page
Last night we had another adventure with another Kitchenaid appliance. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. 

Yesterday at 10:15pm our Kitchenaid oven microwave combo started beeping with the msg " probe temp 160. Insert the probe".  The oven wasn't on.  When I used the oven the day before to make watillappam, I spilled some water inside the oven. The water evaporated quickly because the oven was working at that time. BTW, I have a great recipe for watillapaam. I'll post it some other day.

The oven microwave combo is another expensive kitchenaid appliance we bought from the builder when we bought the house 5.5 years ago.

When the oven started beeping I first pressed cancel. But the oven continued to beep. I tried pressing other (random) buttons, still the beeping continued. I found the user manual and looked for  information on how to cancel the message. Nothing.  That would have been too easy and Kitchenaid really likes to keep us on on our toes. Then I Googled and found out that the message was probably displayed because the probe sensor was incorrectly activated due the moisture inside the oven. I have no idea why it took more than 24 hours.  Long story short, I let the oven run for 20 mins at 350 with the probe in. It seem to have worked.

Phew.. I was able to avoid another salesperson visit, and customer service phone calls and associated expenses for now.  Should I dedicate my entire blog for Kitchenaid nightmares?

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Anonymous said...

I am currently experiencing a total nightmare with a brand new kitchen aid refrigerator. Imagine being displaced for 11 months after having your remodeled house decimated by Sandy with 5 1/2 feet of water on the main floor. Took out my whole kitchen. When i went ot buy new appliances (and i had Wolf before) the salesman swore by Kitchen Aid. I told them i would prefer to pay and have solid product and a company that stood behind their products he swore by kitchen aid. Well imagine finding your kitchen flooded out because the refrigerator/freezer is leaking water everywhere. Kind of ironic to say the least. Kitchn Aid has been absolutely awful, rude and non caring. They sent over a serviceman who was rude and told me it was the ice maker and he would order the part. I took another day off the following week and he called me at 4pm to tell me sorry we're not coming that's not the issue. I called Kitchen Aid numerous times and asked for an exhcange they outright refused. Someone by the name of Lea who said she was on the Executive Board refused to help me and was downright cold and rude. After losing everything and only having the clothes on my back and to be treated so rudely and coldly is a total disgrace. It's now been close to two weeks and no one has returned my calls so i have no refreigerator and no recourse? Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool is a total disgrace and thank goodness i at least have a Wolf cook top. Unfortunatley i bought the double over (still in plastic and not yet used) and the dishwasher. I can't believe in today's day and age that these large corporations can just dictate consumers lives with no recourse.